Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking


Information, technical support and rules
for your safety.

Information, technical support and rules <br />for your safety.

For information

Our representatives are available: Mon–Fri: 8.30 a.m.-9 p.m.
Customer Service:
International calls:
+39 0522 58 35 86

Online banking support

For technical assistance on online services or to report a problem:

Blocking your cards

Call the number relating to your query and immediately block your card. The service is active 24/7.

Customer service from Italy: 800 822 056
International customer service: +39 02 60 84 3768

Customer service from Italy: 800 17 07 71
International customer service: +39 0522 583 584

American Express Platinum credit card
Customer service from Italy: 800 01 3513
International customer service: +39 06 722 3104

American Express Centurion credit card
Customer service: 800 400 042

Nexi Prestige and Excellence credit cards
Customer service from Italy: 800 55 66 77
International customer service: +39 02 34 980 020
Customer service from USA: +1 800 4736896

Nexi Black credit card
Customer service from Italy: 800 99 3400
International customer service: +39 02 34 980 213

Security policies

We take the necessary steps to protect the security of your data, your online transactions and your credit card payments. In this section you will find all the insights on how we help you safeguard what is most important to you.

When you use our website and our mobile banking app, we protect your online banking and your browsing data. We take all necessary steps and harness the most advanced technologies for your safety.

  • Use of access codes
    To log into our online services you must use your user code and password, which your local branch has delivered to you in a sealed envelope. To ensure access is even more secure, you can use your My Key to create a second password to add to the user code and password. If you use the My Mobile App instead, you have the option to set biometric authentication to ensure all-round security of your personal codes.
  • Automatic notification with every access
    Each time you log in, you will receive an e-mail that notifies you in real time. You can also choose to receive a text message or push notification on your smartphone.
  • Date and time of the last access
    Each time you log in to your private area, our system informs you of the date of your last connection. This procedure allows you to have full control of your activity and lets you know if anyone else has attempted to connect with your user name.
  • Logoff after 5 minutes of inactivity
    If while you are connected our system detects that there has been no interaction between your computer and the server for more than 5 minutes, your user name will be logged off automatically. This procedure prevents third parties from accessing your accounts and positions if you leave your computer connected.
  • Security protocols and encryption
    The data you enter on our site is protected and encrypted. In fact, our Internet servers use TLS security protocols and SSL communications protocol based on the latest standards for encrypting the content of online communications to make them virtually undecipherable to third parties. All our connections are protected by the most advanced firewall and intrusion detection systems and ensure protection from viruses and malicious software.
  • HTTPS connections
    The website is accessible only in https mode, i.e. through secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) connections. To verify that the connection is secure you should check that: the website address starts with https; there is an icon representing a locked padlock at the bottom of your browser; and (depending on the type of browser) there is a green strip in the website address bar. To view an SSL certificate's details, you can click on the padlock symbol located within the browser bar.
  • Constant oversight
    In addition to using special security software, thanks to a dedicated team of professionals we carry out constant checks on the accuracy and truthfulness of online operations, in order to send you an alert immediately in case we detect suspicious or unusual activity on your account.
  • Automatic transaction notifications
    Every time you make a payment from your current account you will receive an email alert. This simple measure allows you to have real-time control over your account. You can set transaction notifications also for other types of payment and choose whether to receive alerts via e-mail, SMS or push notification.
  • My Key APP and Biometrics
    To confirm your mobila and online payments, you need to use the My Key App. How does it work? First you need to download the App onto your smartphone. By communicateing with your Internet and Mobile Banking, the App duly matches the transaction you are making (type, amount and beneficiary) to a confirmation notification. To increase the level of security you can set the confirmation through biometric authentication (fingerprint verification and facial recognition).