Projects of value

Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking is very much aware of issues related to corporate social responsibility and supports a variety of projects and research initiatives aimed at sponsoring foundations and charitable organizations that are particularly committed and worthy of trust.


Initiatives - Fondazione Umberto Veronesi

The Pink Ambassador project by the Veronesi Foundation involves women who, after facing female cancer, have put themselves into running competitions to support scientific research on female cancers and spread the culture of prevention


Initiatives - ABN Onlus

31st Golf tournament for charity, with the aim of raising funds to support the projects of the Association


Initiatives - Armonica Onlus

To support and promote well-being through art, science and culture, finding harmony in life

Fondazione Umberto Veronesi
ABN Onlus
Armonica Onlus

Social inclusion

Initiatives - Bambini delle fate, Ca Leido

The psychoeducational project Ca’ Leido, it allows to develop cognitive and social skills aimed at improving the quality of life

Social inclusion

Initiatives - Comunità San Patrignano

For young people who have lost their way, who have lost motivation and must regain their self-esteem, dignity, with responsibility and enthusiasm

Social inclusion

Initiatives - Associazione Vita Onlus

We support the initiatives promoted by the association to raise community awareness against all forms of gender-based violence

Bambini delle fate, Ca Leido
Comunità San Patrignano
Associazione Vita Onlus

Artistic heritage

Initiatives - I 200 del FAI

The Patron Group "200 del FAI" support the Italian Environmental Fund regarding the protection and and enhancement of the historical, artistic and environmental heritage of our country

Artistic heritage

Initiatives - FAI

A decennial tribute to Villa Necchi Campiglio located in Milan to contribute to its conservation

Artistic heritage

Initiatives - Fondazione Rotary Club Milano

On the occasion of the centenary, we are supporting the Rotary Club Foundation of Milan in the making of three projects for the Milanese community: redevelopment of the green space at the Giardini del Risveglio, restoration of the Throne Room at Palazzo Reale and setting up a historical-documenta

I 200 del FAI
Fondazione Rotary Club Milano