Our approach

Feelin' good about doing things right

Steering behaviors and attitudes towards a common goal: generating value in a sustainable manner.

Generating value: this phrase encapsculates our daily commitment, but also our attitude towards the world around us. An ever-changing, multifaceted reality whose challenges we need to understand and address by finding the best way to move forward time after time. 


These last few years have taught us two things: the first is that there are no absolute right choices or solutions, but that every time you need to look closer at situations and always with a fresh point of view. The second is that we must safeguard our community, the environment and the social context in which we operate, because we cannot generate value in the world unless we successfully learn to make a positive impact around us.


We can feel fulfilled, and perform better, only insofar as our culture has the hallmarks of a commonwealth of individuals who are also encouraged to do well: a community underpinned by a healthy economy and a safer society. That is why integrating environmental and social objectives into our business allows us to thrive and grow more responsible with every passing day.

ESG sustainability criteria

Sustainability represents the link between strategy and financial performance on the one hand and the environmental and socio-economic context on the other. Its goal is to direct behaviors and attitudes towards a common goal: to generate value for all stakeholders.

Such a goal can be shared and measured.


The world of finance and investments can in fact influence in sustainable terms not only investor choices, but also corporate performance in terms of sustainability. In fact, the performance of companies can be measured according to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, i.e. standardized and shared parameters that guarantee the achievement of specific environmental, social and corporate governance outcomes.


Evolution towards a sustainable world is also the key to our evolution.


Even before distributing ESG products or building ESG portfolios, our Group has applied Sustainability criteria.

E for Environment: We have made a commitment to become Carbon Neutral by 2025. This means that, for each kilogram of CO2 produced, we undertake to fund reforestation measures to offset these emissions.


S for Social: We are the only Italian bank to be Equal Salary certified. It means that, we pay our female and male employees equally for the same job or for job of the same value. 


G for Governance: Since 2021 we have set up a dedicated Risk Committee within our Group which does not only deal with measuring financial risks, but also monitors environmental/climate and IT security risks.