Banking services

Attention to detail and a streamlined approach

We offer a wide range of banking services that enrich and complete our portfolio of investment services. Our solutions are capable of responding to even the most complex financial requirements of our Private banking customers.


At Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking, we have been fostering our asset management culture for years, and our talent for advisory services has enabled us to develop solutions dedicated to investor financing that are geared at creating exciting opportunities for optimization and profitability for our customers.


Furthermore, thanks to the Group’s expertise, we are able to offer customised financing services that are tailored to our customers. Our widespread presence nationwide and the constant support from our key account managers ensure quality of service and proximity to customers, while providing a full range of exclusive banking services to manage current accounts, debit and credit cards, securities custody accounts and financing solutions.


Internet banking

Our comprehensive, secure and always available online banking service allows you to manage your current account, carry out transactions and monitor investments.

It comes with a full range of information channels and easy-to-use advanced tools.

Credit solutions

A rich offer of customised solutions to meet diverse financing needs and objectives, also backed by pledges on financial instruments held with the Bank.

The service is provided through specific types of loans, including:


  • Current account overdrafts backed by temporary and revocable pledges on securities/funds
  • Foreign currency loans backed by pledges on securities/funds
  • Unsecured loans backed by pledges on securities/funds
  • Investor financing to purchase financial instruments through the credit granted
  • Granting of sureties backed by pledges on securities / funds.


    Also, thanks to the close collaboration with the Credem Group, we are able to access a wide range of leasing and factoring services.

Current account and payment cards

We offer clear and flexible current accounts, which you can choose to customize by adding a range of related services. Even our payment cards are designed to meet your everyday needs thanks to our modular credit limits, safe in the knowledge that our cards are among the most widely accepted all over the world.


We offer a range of contactless payment cards with customizable spending limits, which ensure maximum security in transactions, a 24/7 dedicated helpdesk and freedom to use anywhere in the world. Also, thanks to our partnership with valued specialized operators, we are able to offer the best premium products for private customers, such as the Nexi Black card or the Amex Centurion card, instruments with exclusive services and privileges.

American Express Platinum

Exclusivity and privileges, at the service of your desires

American Express Platinum

Nexi Black

Black is the new black

Nexi Black

Nexi & Apple Pay

Apple Pay for NEXI cards

Nexi Black & Apple Pay

Mobile banking

Thanks to an App dedicated to private clients you can manage current accounts, payment cards, QR code-payments of postal bills, credit top-ups, bank transfers and much more. It is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Furthermore, the new Account Aggregation service allows you to manage several accounts directly from the App at the same time, even if held with other financial institutions.












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To view all the economic and contractual terms and conditions for the advertised services, please refer to the information sheets (drawn up pursuant to Legislative Decree 385 of 1 September 1993), and documentation required under current regulations, available at the branch and on the Bank's website in the appropriate sections.

To view the economic and contractual terms and conditions, and for anything not expressly indicated, please refer to the Information Sheets and the "Advertising information" form available at branches and on the website, nas well as the IEBCC form (Basic European information on consumer credit). Cards and loans may be granted subject to the unquestionable approval of the Bank.