Building value for future generations is deeply rooted in our history

Our new advertising campaign "Building value for future generations is deeply rooted in our history" has been on air since 13 April.

We are proud to say that this is an exciting new project.


We have devised and created an campaign with a great visual impact that does not only convey our values masterfully, but does so in a unique way never seen before in private banking.

This is why we have crafted a signature photographic campaign, embracing the work of one of today's best-known fashion, celebrity, and fine art portrait photographers: Vincent Peters!


Playing out across Italy's most beautiful streets and piazzas, this campaign will be tinged with a neo-realist flavor that represents a stylistic approach reminiscent of Italian noblesse d'esprit.


The city centres of Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome are just some of the locations chosen as a backdrop for our campaign; an array of piazzas representing the many beating hearts of our beautiful country whose visual communication between design masterpiece and global campaign is in keeping with its extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage.


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